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“Strength and Charisma of a Woman”: Online conference to learn more about Antonia, founder of the Congregation
2 August, 2022 / Oblatas
In the midst of the bicentennial of our beloved founder’s birth, which began on March 16, 2022, we continue in September the celebration of the life of Antonia Maria de Oviedo y Schönthal: We will ...
28 July, 2022 / Oblatas
30 julio: Hermanas Oblatas se unen al Día Mundial Contra la Trata de Personas
El 30 de julio se celebra el Día Mundial Contra la Trata de Personas,...
22 July, 2022 / Oblatas
Finaliza el rodaje de nuestra película ‘Si todas las puertas se cierran’
El pasado 13 de junio, Ulises Producciones inició el rodaje de nuest...
14 July, 2022 / Oblatas
En rodaje la película sobre la misión de las Oblatas con mujeres en contexto de prostitución
Coincidiendo con el Bicentenario del nacimiento de Antonia María de O...
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Mother Antonia´s Place
Mother Antonia Maria of the Mercy belongs to the great female figures of the nineteenth century and she was a woman with an advanced culture for her time. Her deep sensitivity to the reality of women in prostitution led her to found our congregation in 1870. She was recognized by the Church as Venerable in 1962.
Know a little more about her life and ask for her intercession!

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